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KINEGRAM solution for visas

    Surface applied patch

    Simple, efficient and secure application for maximum protection against forgeries. The KINEGRAM patch is applied on the surface and gives outstanding resolution and brilliance with distinct movement effects. It is available as transparent, metallized, partial metallized and application.

    • Maximum protection against forgeries
    • Outstanding resolution and brilliance
    • Distinct movement effects
    • Can be overprinted for optimal design integration in a document
    KINEGRAM references
    Four generations of European Union visa with KINEGRAM PATCH. Starting 1995 with technical improvements in every new issue.
    Four generations of European Union visa with KINEGRAM PATCH. Starting 1995 with technical improvements in every new issue.
    United Kingdom entry visa with KINEGRAM PATCH
    United Kingdom entry visa with KINEGRAM PATCH

    Appropriate KINEGRAM products:

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    Foil Technoloy

    Visa sticker with thin film overlay

    An easy and fast issuance solution of secure personalised visa stickers. OVD Kinegram has developed a new secure solution for visa applications. The new KINEGRAM TPD is based on a highly secure substrate where the personalized data is protected by an ultra-thin transparent overlay including the well-known diffractive KINEGRAM security features. Using dedicated desktop personalization equipment an authentic secure visa sticker is produced.

    • Ultra-thin KINEGRAM overlay
    • Protection of personal data and portrait
    • Well-known KINEGRAM security features
    • Simple, fast and secure personalization process
    • Small, dedicated, easy to install desktop personalization equipment

    Appropriate KINEGRAM products:


    Integrating physical and digital security at our borders

    In discussions on policies related to border security and management, this article communicates two important messages: Firstly, concomitant with progress in the use of biometrics at border crossings, it is imperative that we maintain stringent requirements for travel documents with good physical security; and secondly, there are significant benefits to be derived from integrating the physical security features with the emerging digital verification processes.


    Bank of Israel releases designs of new banknotes

    The Bank of Israel has published in a press release today the design of the new 20 and 100 Shekel banknotes. KURZ is honored to contribute a highly secure KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe for both denominations.


    New Australian $5 banknote is "Regional Banknote of the Year"

    The new Australian $5 Banknote has been awarded "Regional Banknote of the Year" at this year's High Security Printing Asia Conference in Singapore on 6th December.


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