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Breeder documents based on KINEGRAM technology

Birth, marriage and deaths certificates

Most birth, marriage and deaths certificates are today issued in paper form. The standard approach is to use special paper, which is then secured with a strong authentication device, such as KINEGRAM patch. The patch can have features such as KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO or individualised KINEGRAM elements. A numbering option is available on request.

  • Instant improvement of the security level of the document by secure authentication
  • With the individual numbering option one certificate can only be issued once, when linked to a database
  • Easy to introduce in an existing issuing process
KINEGRAM references
Netherlands Certificate of Naturalisation with KINEGRAM PATCH
Netherlands Certificate of Naturalisation with KINEGRAM PATCH
Serbia Birth Certificate with KINEGRAM PATCH
Serbia Birth Certificate with KINEGRAM PATCH

Appropriate KINEGRAM products:

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Foil Technoloy


Switzerland's 50 Franc is Banknote of the Year

The new Swiss 50 Franc Banknote has been voted "Banknote of the Year" by the International Bank Note Society.


Bank of Canada's new commemorative note

Bank of Canada unveils new $10 commemorative banknote for "Canada 150" celebrations


New 50 EURO carries a KINEGRAM foil from KURZ

The new 50 Euro banknote of the European Monetary Union is equipped with a KINEGRAM REVIEW window foil stripe, making it extremely secure against counterfeiting.


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