Bank of Israel releases designs of new banknotes

The new 20 Shekel banknote

The new 100 Shekel banknote

The Bank of Israel has publicly announced today the design of the new 20 and 100 Shekel banknotes, the two remaining denominations of the new "Series C" of the Israeli Shekel. As for the 50 and 200 Shekel banknotes, which were released in 2014 and 2015, KURZ is honored to contribute to the security of these notes with the innovative and unique KINEGRAM VOLUME technology. All notes will be equipped with a KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe, in a bright green color for the 50 and 200 Shekel and in vivid red for the upcoming 20 and 100 Shekel, which will enter into circulation later this year.


Pictures: Bank of Israel.