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KURZ THREADS for banknotes, offered as window threads for paper substrates, are a fundamental new offer in the market for banknote security solutions. Equipped with the market-leading KINEGRAM technology, they constitute a highly prominent and instantly verifiable security feature.

In typical thread widths of 3-6 mm, two varieties of KURZ THREADS are currently available:

KURZ THREADS with COSMIC color shifting effect are created using thin-film interferometric technology. These threads exhibit an extremely bright, clear, metallic color which changes prominently when the note is tilted, allowing immediate and intuitive recognition. Partial metallization allows the integration of finely-designed images of the denomination or other motifs, enhancing the link of the thread to the rest of the banknote design. These images appear in a stable color contrasting strongly with the color shifting effect.

KURZ THREADS with FLUX Effect deploy striking, extremely pronounced movement effects, including up and down the thread in various directions, left-right movements, pumping and rolling effects. These are accentuated by multiple bright colors, rendering these threads exceptionally attractive and visibly different from other threads in the market. Both optical effects and colors can be freely customized.

KURZ THREADS are overprintable and can incorporate magnetic, IR, UV, taggant-based or other covert and machine-readable effects.

  • multiple attractive design and partial metallization options
  • available with additional covert and machine-readable features
  • based on superior KINEGRAM technology and market-leading experience


A KINEGRAM patch is a particular foil element, available in any desired shape, showing one or several diffractive images. Partial metallization and transparent Areas allow for patches to be completely and seamlessly integrated into the banknote design, including overprinting.

  • easy to locate
  • easy to authenticate
  • very high durability and security
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KINEGRAM APL Applied Patch Label

The KINEGRAM APL, Applied Patch Label, is a revolution in foil application. Individual foil elements, available in any desired shape and showing one or several diffractive images, can be applied with this innovative application method onto die-cut windows in paper banknotes, an unique achievement in the world of security foils. KINEGRAM APL also allows the application of other complex security foil features which up to now were not available. This application technology truly completes the feature selection for central banks, gives back process control to printers, and enables new degrees of freedom in banknote design. 

  • fully tested and ready for industrial use in all circulation conditions
  • patented technology significantly increasing banknote security
  • new degree of freedom for the banknote supply chain
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KINEGRAM continuous stripe

 KINEGRAM continuous stripes have been state of the art for many years. A continuous stripe in web direction enables a very cost effective and easy application of the foil onto any substrate. Needless to say, it also provides high levels of security.

  • well-proven, easy, efficient application
  • complex technologies such as KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO can be added
  • ideal security solution for issuing authorities who have to respect restricted budgets
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KINEGRAM registered stripe

 Today's gold standard in foil based security features. Thanks to highly innovative application equipment, KINEGRAM stripes can be applied in register onto banknotes. This greatly increases the freedom of the banknote designer, who is now able to combine the printed banknote design and the KINEGRAM into a visual entity.

  • gold standard for foil based security features
  • element of choice for leading central banks around the world
  • significantly raises the anti counterfeiting security of the banknotes
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KINEGRAM stripe over windows

A quantum leap in banknote security. Taking the advantages of registered stripes even further, KINEGRAM foils can be applied over window areas in banknotes. This is true for paper banknotes such as the European Central Bank's new 20 Euro, and for polymer banknotes such as the new English 5 Pound or the Canadian banknote series.

KURZ is the only producer of foil-based security features which have successfully been applied to polymer banknotes, in both patch and stripe format.

  • next generation banknote security
  • virtually impossible to counterfeit or copy
  • chosen by the European Central Bank as principal feature of new 20 Euro notes
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New award-winning banknotes with KINEGRAM!

Two eye-catching banknotes awarded for their outstanding design and technical excellence at recent HSP EMEA conference in Lisbon.


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The new Lithuanian ePassport has been recognised as best in class and received the High Security Printing EMEA award!


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