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KINEGRAM COLORS - the latest and most attractive addition to the KINEGRAM Portfolio.

Multiple colors can be added to enhance the diffractive elements in a partially metallized foil. This means that the end user sees the KINEGRAM image in multiple colours - for example, the denomination numeral can be designed in a color matching the offset print, complemented by a national crest in gold or silver, and surrounding elements in yet another color. The color is in perfect register to the partial metallization.

Also available as window solution with even further color options for the foil's reverse.

  • virtually impossible to counterfeit or simulate
  • prominent and attractive appearance, easily catching attention
  • next level of banknote design integration by working with print colors and print motif
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Best-in-class solution for windows in banknotes - KINEGRAM REVIEW is the technology which secures the new 20 and 50 Euro banknotes of the 2nd Euro series.

In combination with a foil stripe, windows are the perfect feature for easy authentication and extremely high anti-counterfeiting security. The foil operates as a transmission as well as a reflection feature and can be seen and identified from both sides of the banknote.

KINEGRAM REVIEW shows different diffractive images seen from the front and from the reverse.
For example, the foil can display a diffractive portrait on the front of the note and a patterned image of the denomination on the reverse. The partial metallization allows also to see through the window. 

  • dramatic increase of banknote security
  • chosen as quantum leap security feature for the new Euro banknotes
  • unique in the banknote industry - three different optical effects in the window area
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Unique optical effect for maximum security.

KINEGRAM VOLUME is a unique product, which was developed in close cooperation with the Swiss National Bank (SNB) and Orell Füssli Security Printing (OFS). Based on the proprietary KINEGRAM origination process, it is created by laser technology. The vibrantly colored, highly prominent images can only be seen at narrow angles when tilting the note, otherwise they remain invisible.

The “on-off” optical effect of KINEGRAM VOLUME is extremely easy to understand and to use, while at the same time virtually impossible to counterfeit.

  • standalone feature in the banknote industry
  • expert proven, extremely high anti-counterfeiting security
  • highly appreciated by central banks for its distinct visual expression and ease of public education
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Securely protected certificates with KINEGRAM Crypto Seal

With this groundbreaking innovation of OVD Kinegram, paper based documents and certificates can now be securely protected against misuse and manipulation.


KINEGRAM Digital Seal with iPhone using NFC

The KINEGRAM Digital Seal app now enables the verification of passport chips with an iPhone.


New Australian $20 Banknote with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

The new Australian $20 Banknote will have a sophisticated KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO foil stripe


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