KINEGRAM Crypto Seal

With the KINEGRAM Crypto Seal, paper based certificates can now be securely protected against misuse and manipulation. The authenticity of documents can be verified with absolute certainty by inspecting the optically variable KINEGRAM device and scanning two unique codes in one smartphone shot, using a customized app solution.

Trust that the document is authentic. Confidence that the data has not been manipulated.

  • Receive confirmation that the certificates are original and authentic
  • Verify that personalized data have not been manipulated
  • Inspect the document anywhere and anytime, without on-line connectivity

Certificate Issuance:

Security printer supplies certificates on security paper ready for personalization
Tamper-resistant Kinegram Patch with integrated secure QR-code (Crypto Seal) is applied at the printer or at the personalization center
During personalization, an encrypted QR-code representing the personalized data is printed adjacent to the Kinegram Crypto Seal


Verification Process:

Smartphone app locates and scans both the Crypto Seal and the encrypted QR-code simultaneously
Crypto Seal provides the key to unlock the decryption process for the personalized QR code. Data displayed is compared with personalized data printed on the document
Crypto Seal provides an automatic link to video guides of the Kinegram security features to verify authenticity of the Kinegram Crypto Seal

Verification process using the KINEGRAM Crypto Seal app solution


Securely protected certificates with KINEGRAM Crypto Seal

With this groundbreaking innovation of OVD Kinegram, paper based documents and certificates can now be securely protected against misuse and manipulation.


KINEGRAM Digital Seal with iPhone using NFC

The KINEGRAM Digital Seal app now enables the verification of passport chips with an iPhone.


New Australian $20 Banknote with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

The new Australian $20 Banknote will have a sophisticated KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO foil stripe


Upcoming Events

09 - 11 March 2020

High Security Printing

11 - 12 March 2020


31 March -

ICAO (16th TRIP Symposium)

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