KINEGRAM COLORS incorporates different diffractive elements in different colors within a classic partially-demetallised foil. This means that the end user sees the expected KINEGRAM image in multiple colours, which precisely correspond to parts of the design. For example, the denomination numeral can be designed in a color matching the offset print, complemented by a national crest in gold or silver, and surrounding elements in yet another color.

Clearly standing out from monochromatic foils, this feature easily catches the viewer’s attention. To maximize the possibilities of this technology, KINEGRAM COLORS is equally available as window foil with even further color options.

The KINEGRAM COLORS technology offers a full range of unique, new security features to choose from. It provides even more freedom for creating a foil that perfectly integrates into the overall design and is unmatched by any other producer of security foil products. Due to its technical properties, it is virtually impossible to simulate or counterfeit.

  • Color and partial metallization in perfect register
  • Secure and attractive combination of color, metallization and diffractive effects
  • New security solution in combination with windows (KINEGRAM RECOLOR)
Entry badge of the Security Printers Conference in Sevilla 2016: KINEGRAM COLORS at the upper right part in gold and red
Entry badge of the Security Printers Conference in Sevilla 2016: KINEGRAM COLORS at the upper right part in gold and red

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window Solutions

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KINEGRAM COLORS on banknotes


First TPD Instant Solution Kit sold to large customer


Commemorative Banknote of the Year with KINEGRAM COLORS patch from KURZ

Commemorative Banknote for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games wins Banknote of the Year Award at HSP Asia Conference, carries a KINEGRAM COLORS patch from KURZ


New Canadian Banknote with KINEGRAM

The Bank of Canada issued the new $10 banknote with a KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO registered stripe


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