KINEGRAM protected, laser-personalized security label for inside windshield and outside applications 

KINEGRAM MOVE provides unsurpassed protection against misuse, data manipulation, and counterfeiting of government issued labeled documents or vehicle registration certificates.

The pre-personalized KINEGRAM MOVE certificate includes a secure KINEGRAM patch on the upper part and a laser-printable zone on the lower part. The size of the certificate is adjustable according to customer requirements.

  • Easily recognizable KINEGRAM security feature
  • Compatibility with both centralized and over-the-counter issuance
  • Simple instructions for use printed directly on the label
  • Partial-release adhesive system for one-time usage
  • Integration of electronic functionality using KINEGRAM RFID
Application types
  • Car registration label (outside)
  • Car registration windshield Label (inside)
  • Road tax windshield Label (inside)
  • Document Label (visa, certificates)
Applications types
Inside windshield application
Inside windshield application
Outside application, e.g. on motocicles
Outside application, e.g. on motocicles
Product types
single sheet
single sheet
fanfold endless
fanfold endless
KINEGRAM MOVE references
Inside windshield application with KINEGRAM MOVE sample
Inside windshield application with KINEGRAM MOVE sampleInside windshield with KINEGRAM MOVE sample
Serbian KINEGRAM MOVE windshield label
Serbian KINEGRAM MOVE windshield label
Video: Inside windshield solution
Video: Outside application solution

Learn more about KINEGRAM RFID:


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