Protecting Identities

Protection and Secure Authentication for ID and Government Documents

Government Solutions

For more than 35 years, OVD Kinegram has been the main innovation driver in physical and digital security solutions for government documents.

The physical KINEGRAM security features are strictly reserved for governments to protect passports, identity cards, driver’s licenses and other forms of governmentally issued identity papers or official documents.

State-of-the-art digital solutions for the verification of both the physical and electronic security features in government documents such as electronic ID cards, passports and driver’s licenses are complementing the portfolio of solutions.

  • Unsurpassed experience: leading global provider of physical and digital security solutions
  • Outstanding security: KINEGRAM technology strictly reserved for governments
  • Innovative power: digital solutions for ID verification
Close-Up of KINEGRAM security feature on a Polish identity document, with a design of the greek goddess Europa in a virtual 3D effect

The KINEGRAM technology is strictly reserved for governments.

System Integrators

Integrated identity solutions are incomplete without a state-of-the-art DOVID feature such as the KINEGRAM. OVD Kinegram is leading the way in integrated security elements for any type of document, be it polycarbonate-based, paper-based or using a different substrate.

Embedding KINEGRAM elements into the body of polycarbonate cards or data pages was pioneered by OVD Kinegram. Today, it is impossible to imagine the document market without DOVID-secured polycarbonate substrates. Based on such innovations, OVD Kinegram has established itself as the gold standard in protecting identities.

We are the partner of choice for integrators providing complete passport or ID card systems, offering more than 35 years of unparalleled experience in state-of-the-art security features, their design and application.

  • Pioneer in DOVID integration
  • Full Service Provider including technical application support
  • Unsurpassed know-how in feature design and application
Close-Up of KINEGRAM security feature on a Central African identity document, with a design of the country's coat of arms

KINEGRAM features are suitable for polycarbonate, paper and any other kind of substrate

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IT Solution Providers

Frictionless digital identity verification is an essential service in today’s digital environment. IT solution providers are faced with the challenge of providing secure solutions that enable remote ID verification. A person’s identity must be established without a doubt and it must be ensured that a person’s ID matches the one they claim to have.

OVD Kinegram supports IT solution providers with sophisticated Software Development Kits providing a variety of ID verification related services and functionalities. These SDKs can easily be integrated into existing applications. Alternatively, the functionalities are also available as standalone apps:

Image of an Officer using a smartphone to authenticate a Swiss KINEGRAM-secured passport

Robust and sophisticated SDK solutions and apps for various ID check purposes

Financial Institutions

Many transactions requiring a personal identification, such as opening a bank account or taking out an insurance, can be performed online – under condition that an identity document or a picture thereof is presented in order to verify the prospective client’s identity.

OVD Kinegram provides a series of solutions that facilitate both the remote identity check as well as the automated capturing of the clients’ identity data. Photographs of passport data pages or ID cards can be automatically digitized and the personal data of the pictured person can be returned immediately on screen.

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  • Trustworthy digital identity verification
  • Reliable remote ID proofing
  • Instant electronic ID data capturing
Graphical image showing, from left to right, an ID card, an office building and a data sheet with the personal data extracted from the ID card on the left

Remote ID checks and automated data capturing solutions

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Banknote Security

The KINEGRAM technology is not only used to secure identity documents such as passports or driver’s licenses. Banknote security is another major use of the KINEGRAM. Security solutions for banknotes are provided by OVD Kinegram’s parent company LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG

Close-Up of KINEGRAM security feature on English 20 Pound banknote

KINEGRAM security solutions for banknotes

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Tax Stamps

Tax stamps can secure tax revenues in the millions. Counterfeit-proof tax stamps protect governments and consumers from sub-standard products and maintain brand reputation. Our parent company LEONHARD KURZ Stiftung & Co. KG offers a highly customizable modular system for tax stamps and brand protection.

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Image of a hand holding a mobile phone and scanning the QR code on a secure label on a bottle of alcohol.

Modular physical and digital solutions for tax stamps and brand protection

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