New English £5 note with KINEGRAM.COLORS from KURZ

The Bank of England issued the "New Fiver" into circulation on Tuesday 13 September. It is the first English Banknote to be printed on Guardian® polymer substrate.

The introduction of polymer goes hand in hand with the incorporation of a cutting-edge security feature. A KINEGRAM COLORS® foil stripe from KURZ, applied over a large transparent window in the substrate, is the principal security element on the new English 5 Pound banknote. It is the first banknote worldwide to carry this feature, which the Bank of England has found to be extremely effective in terms of security and ease of use. The integrated colors, which are in perfect register to the partial metallization, make the foil stripe extremely secure and one of a kind.

A startup quantity of 440 million New Fivers have been printed. Victoria Cleland, Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, confirmed: “The Bank has been working with the cash industry throughout this important and exciting project and we’re grateful for their efforts in making the introduction of The New Fiver a success.”

The new £10 note, featuring Jane Austen, will be issued in the summer of 2017.