KINEGRAM Easy Card – Instant issuing of secure temporary documents

Just as other forms of ID, temporary documents have to be protected against manipulation and falsification. At the same time, their issuance must be economically viable. OVD Kinegram has developed a solution that reduces costs and increases security drastically. The Easy Card Secure Temporary Document is a highly innovative solution for the issuance of a temporary proof of identity, such as electoral cards, student enrolment, temporary ID or driving licenses, laissez passer documents and many more.
The KINEGRAM Easy Card is protected with security print, watermark, and individually designed high security foil with KINEGRAM technology. Its advantages include
•    easy and simple issuance
•    high security while being very economical 
•    no hardware requirements except for a standard laser-toner or ink-jet-printer
•    availability in different formats (DIN A4, DIN A5, US Letter)

Easy Card by OVD Kinegram is the ideal economical and secure solution for temporary documents. For more information about KINEGRAM Easy Card, click here or contact us.