KINEGRAM foil on new Australian 10$

New 10$ banknote released in Australia with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

New 10$ banknote released in Australia with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has released into circulation a new $5 banknote on September 20th, 2017. The notes are printed on CCL Secure’s Guardian® polymer substrate and are the second denomination of Australia’s new “Next Generation” banknote series that is being issued. The series is based on a fresh new design approach and uses the same Level 1 security features on all denominations. One of the key security elements is a KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO foil stripe from KURZ, applied over the top-to-bottom clear window.

The new 5$ banknote of Australia, released into circulation on 1st September of last year, was awarded as "Regional Banknote of the Year" at the High Security Printing Asia conference held in December 2016.

The development of the banknote and the entire new series, including its security features, was characterized by a very clear focus on design and usability. Internal and external experts were involved in the design process of the individual elements of the foil stripe and the overall banknote design. The result is a highly secure and outstandingly beautiful banknote, proven in rigorous testing, and making life extremely difficult for counterfeiters. KURZ is very proud to contribute to this success.

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