KINEGRAM REVIEW for New €100 and €200 Banknotes

KINEGRAM REVIEW, Euro hologram
KINEGRAM REVIEW, Euro hologram

Yves Mersch, Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank (ECB) unveiled the last two denominations in the new Europa series of Euro banknotes, the €100 and €200. The new notes will enter circulation on May 28, 2019.

Using the same integrated design as the €20 and €50, the notes are also equipped with a KINEGRAM REVIEW foil stripe produced by KURZ. The stripe is applied over a window in the paper substrate, creating what the ECB named the 'portrait window'. It reveals a portrait image of the mythological figure, Europa, when held up to the light. In reflected light, the front of the foil stripe shows a figure '100' (respectively '200') in the portrait area, surrounded by colourful diffractive lines. From the reverse side of the banknote, several coloured '100's (or '200's) forming a wallpaper pattern can be seen through the window on the back side of the foil stripe.

The foil stripe is manufactured by KURZ and uses the innovative KINEGRAM REVIEW technology, displaying two entirely different diffractive designs on the front and the reverse of the foil stripe.

For both denominations, the top section of the foil stripe (above the portrait window) contains a novel diffractive effect, described by ECB as a 'satellite hologram'. The area shows small € symbols that move around the denomination number and shine brightly under direct light.

As the ECB is discontinuing production and issue of the existing €500 note, the Europa series will now be completed with the issuance of these new €100 and €200 notes.