KURZ foil impossible to counterfeit

Three months after the European Central Bank issued the new 50 Euro banknote, the Spanish Police successfully uncovered and dismantled a counterfeiting operation in Zaragoza.


The investigators seized 140,000 pieces of finished counterfeit 50 Euro notes, alongside another 675,000 pieces in the process of being completed. The police estimates that the operation yielded a gain of 1.3 million euros.

Various types of printers, plates, and inks were found in the workshop. The only security feature that the counterfeiters were unable to Imitate was the KINEGRAM REVIEW foil stripe with its "portrait window" of the goddess Europa.


Information source: http://www.elperiodicodearagon.com/noticias/temadia/cae-zaragoza-pionero-falsificar-nuevo-billete-50-euro_1206555.html