KURZ THREADS figure prominently in Special Report

Reconnaissance International Ltd., publisher of leading reports, directories, and newsletters for the banknote industry and other fields of security printing, has issued a special report on security threads for banknotes.

‘Security Threads for Banknotes’ positions itself as the essential guide to the technology and evolution of security threads for banknotes. An important part of the report is dedicated to new developments, including threads based on diffraction and color shift technologies.

KURZ unveiled KURZ THREADS in 2020, the latest extension of the company’s portfolio of security features for banknotes. KURZ THREADS are amply featured in the Security Threads report by Reconnaissance, focusing both on the different varieties of available threads as well as on the development which led to this portfolio addition.

KURZ THREADS for banknotes are offered as window threads for paper or composite substrates and are equipped with the unique, market-leading KINEGRAM technology for creating highly secure and easy-to-verify visual effects. For more information on KURZ THREADS, please click here or contact our sales team. To learn more about the report, click here.