KINEGRAM VOLUME and Bank of Israel receive award

New Israeli 50 Shekel banknote with KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe from KURZ

KURZ and the Bank of Israel are proud about a special recognition awarded by the International Hologram Manufacturer's Association. The KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe on the new Israeli banknotes was awarded as "Best Applied Security Product" at the Holography Conference 2015 in Shanghai.

Currently being developed by the Bank of Israel, the Third Series (Series ‘C’) of the new Shekel, with the NIS50 is the first of four denominations released into circulation.

All denominations carry a KINEGRAM VOLUME foil stripe from KURZ. The feature’s unique look with vibrantly coloured bold designs is due to the proprietary KINEGRAM origination process, which is used in combination with physical principles and materials entirely different from typical holographic foils. The Bank of Israel and the award committee highly appreciate its very high level of counterfeit resilience and excellent circulation performance.