New Canadian Banknote with KINEGRAM

On November 19, 2018, the Bank of Canada issued the new, vertically oriented $10 banknote, depicting a portrait of a Canadian national icon, the late social justice Viola Desmond. Over the coming weeks and months, the note will gradually enter into circulation alongside the existing $10 notes.

The Bank's Governor said at the occasion: "Each time this new vertical $10 bill changes hands, it will remind us of our continued pursuit of human rights and social justice." The new $10 note features enhanced, sophisticated security features, most prominently a KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO registered stripe from KURZ. It includes the striking virtual 3D "Surface Relief" effect in the image of a maple leaf, the Canadian national symbol. The foil stripe is applied over a large transparent window, which allows easy verification of the note's authenticity from both front and reverse sides of the banknote.

The new $10 banknote will replace other $10 banknotes in circulation, including the Canada 150 commemorative note and the Frontiers series $10 note, as they wear out.

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