New passport of the Republic of China (ROC) Taiwan with KINEGRAM TKO - Beauty and Security in Every Detail

The new ROC Taiwan passport’s KINEGRAM security feature displays beautiful images of orchids and butterflies. After nearly a decade of using the previous document, this new passport edition also marks the 20th anniversary of collaboration between ROC Taiwan and OVD Kinegram AG.
For the past 20 years, Taiwan has been at the forefront of adopting the latest innovations in security
technologies. In its latest remake, the Taiwan passport has been equipped with a protective KINEGRAM TKO (Transparent Kinegram Overlay) on the paper-based data page, containing a KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO Combi diffractive OVD (optically variable device). This product represents a technology leap in the document security industry, placing it far ahead of other available solutions in the market.
A KINEGRAM TKO is an ultra-thin foil for ID cards and passport data pages, allowing the use of optically variable elements provided by the KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO technology in combination with a tamper-evident security film: Attempts to remove the foil will lead to the destruction of the KINEGRAM image. In turn, the KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO Combi is the most advanced OVD in document security, achieved by the leading innovative capacity of OVD KINEGRAM AG. It combines the unique and proprietary high-precise metallization KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO with fully transparent, non-metallic KINEGRAM features (based on high-refractive index coating).
The three previous generations of Taiwan passports were equipped with KINEGRAM foils, the first of which was issued in 1998. Well-appointed with multiple first and second line as well as forensic features, the newTaiwanese passport was successfully issued with great acclaim on 5th February 2018. One of the world’s top 25 economies can once again count its beautifully designed new passport among the best-secured identity documents in the world.

KINEGRAM® and KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO® are registered trademarks of OVD KINEGRAM AG.

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