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Protecting Identities - KINEGRAM solutions for government documents

What is the KINEGRAM? What makes the KINEGRAM the leading DOVID technology? What is the difference between the KINEGRAM and a hologram?

OVD Kinegram is the world’s primary provider of physical and digital security solutions for protecting identities. Our products and solutions for document security protect the personal data of the ID owner and ensure the authenticity of governmentally issued documents. The highly versatile and proprietary KINEGRAM technology is exhaustively tested for all known document issuing systems. It has been chosen by more than 120 countries to protect their most important identity documents. This makes the KINEGRAM the leading DOVID security feature.

Watch the video of KURZ Banknotes to learn the difference between the KINEGRAM and a hologram. 

Diffractive optically variable image devices (DOVIDs) are optical security features that show specific visual effects based on the principle of diffraction. Inherent gratings which modify light create dynamic visual effects which are easy to recognize but difficult to reproduce.

Unlike a hologram, the patented KINEGRAM technology is exclusively used to secure government documents and banknotes. The resolution possibilities of the vector-based KINEGRAM are virtually unlimited, meaning a wide array of unique and precise optical effects that are inimitable by holography. Every single KINEGRAM security feature has an unmistakable footprint and is arguably the most advanced counterfeit protection available.

Over the last three decades, the KINEGRAM technology has continuously evolved and matured. Secure identity protection today means high-end security elements with sophisticated partial metallization or the unique KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO technology. Novel combinations of materials and processes have made counterfeiting virtually impossible. Passports, ID cards, driver licenses and other government issued documents can rely on document security provided by the KINEGRAM.


LEONHARD KURZ publishes sustainability report

LEONHARD KURZ, one of the world’s leading companies in thin-film and finishing technology, has released its 2021 sustainability report.


The Flight of the Bees

Polycarbonate-based ID documents are highly counterfeit-resistant – in combination with a KINEGRAM. Very recently, we developed a full-face protection for polycarbonate documents: Both ID-1 and ID-3 formats can now be equipped with a KINEGRAM Full Data Protection solution.


New Albanian 10,000 Lekë Banknote with registered KINEGRAM® Stripe

In June 2021, the Bank of Albania will release the highest denomination of the Lekë issued so far into general circulation – the 10,000 Lekë, secured with a registered KINEGRAM® stripe from KURZ.


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