The Data Capture Service automatically extracts data from photographs of ID cards or passport data pages, digitizes and immediately returns them.

New digital solutions enable the opening of bank accounts from home or from the office, dealing with administrative governmental transactions, or exchanging data in the healthcare sector. Virtually every such transaction requires personal identification by means of an identity card, driver’s license, passport or health card. As a result, the time and effort to digitize the physical data from photos of documents continuously increases.

The fully automatic Data Capture Service requires almost zero manpower and completes these tasks quickly and reliably.

The Data Capture Service is usually installed on-premise, but is also available as a web-based cloud solution. The software can easily be linked to all common mobile applications, desktop or server software.

  • Automation of tasks still performed manually
  • Platform-independent solution
  • Reliable processing even of low-quality or oblique photos
  • Recognizes and processes biographic data, portraits, signatures and fingerprints
  • Runs both on-premise as well as via web solution
  • Service can be freely expanded as required

With the fully integrated Data Capture Service, users such as authorities, banks or healthcare providers can focus entirely on their core business.

All necessary personal data and portraits or signatures are immediately available in digital form. Contact us for an informal discussion and a business model tailored to your needs.

Watch the video and learn how Data Capture Service works

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OVD Kinegram AG has been spearheading the development of high security solutions for identity documents for over thirty years. In recent years, the company pioneered the advancement of protective solutions for both physical and digital identities. The portfolio encompasses products for mobile devices as well as document reader platforms, ID verification both in-person and online, traveler facilitation and law enforcement. OVD Kinegram AG is committed to solving the challenges of our customers with innovative software and SDK solutions.


The Flight of the Bees

Polycarbonate-based ID documents are highly counterfeit-resistant – in combination with a KINEGRAM. Very recently, we developed a full-face protection for polycarbonate documents: Both ID-1 and ID-3 formats can now be equipped with a KINEGRAM Full Data Protection solution.


New Albanian 10,000 Lekë Banknote with registered KINEGRAM® Stripe

In June 2021, the Bank of Albania will release the highest denomination of the Lekë issued so far into general circulation – the 10,000 Lekë, secured with a registered KINEGRAM® stripe from KURZ.


KURZ featured in 7th Banknote Technology Report

The Banknote Technology Report, by the established Banknote Industry News, is a leading publication and important source of information for the banknote industry.


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