The DOCUMENT LIBRARY is a collection of pictures of 240 government documents (ID, passports, drivers licenses, residence permits, visas). Additional videos for 146 documents are comprised, showing their principal security feature, a diffractive optically variable image device. The SDK is ready for full integration into your existing android or iOS app.

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY SDK lends itself to a variety of uses, from the mobile devices of executive forces and police officers to border control situations, from deployment by governmental or private security services to supporting the work of document forensics experts. Last but not least, it adds value to existing products and services of IT integrators or governmental software providers. 

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY SDK is the means of choice when it comes to the unambiguous authentication of identity documents. Whether foreign or national, offline or online, the SDK provides all the tools and information for the user that he needs to verify the principal security feature of the document, thus establishing with great certainty the authenticity of a document and its holder. Unknown foreign documents or security feature details can be identified beyond doubt, and the SDK helps to establish clarity regarding suspicious-looking security elements or ID documents. The need for time-consuming and expensive deployment of highly skilled staff and specialized teams is greatly reduced.

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY is a collection of pictures and videos of 240 government documents

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY SDK is unique in being a fully integrated solution. Its usability is unparalleled in the market, guaranteeing a seamless handover and an undisrupted workflow. More than that, it is a native mobile SDK that neither requires a website nor needs constant online connection. Offline capability and adaptability towards the customer’s needs make it a universal and indispensable solution. Most importantly, OVD Kinegram is the leading provider of diffractive optical security features (KINEGRAMs) for identity documents around the world – and is thus an obvious source of trustworthy information for the KINEGRAM DOCUMENT LIBRARY, guaranteeing confidence and certainty.


  • unparalleled user experience through ease of integration and simplicity of use
  • outstanding number of international documents included
  • hassle-free fully integrated and flexible solution
  • privacy control without data collection or regulatory issues

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY SDK is available for mobile devices worldwide, and compatible with both iOS and Android systems. It is tailored for seamless integration into governmental or corporate apps on trusted devices.

Watch the screen recording of the US permanent resident card (Greencard)

Various SDK's from OVD Kinegram

The DOCUMENT LIBRARY is available in the form of an SDK, but also as an independent App for mobile devices. For maximum efficacy, it can be combined with the Mobile Scan and Mobile Chip SDKs of OVD Kinegram. In the near future, a combination with Optical Phone Authentication functionality will be available.

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About OVD Kinegram

OVD Kinegram AG has been spearheading the development of high security solutions for identity documents for over thirty years. In recent years, the company pioneered the advancement of protective solutions for both physical and digital identities. The portfolio encompasses products for mobile devices as well as document reader platforms, ID verification both in-person and online, traveler facilitation and law enforcement. OVD Kinegram AG is committed to solving the challenges of our customers with innovative software and SDK solutions.


KURZ THREADS figure prominently in Special Report

Reconnaissance International Ltd., publisher of leading reports, directories, and newsletters for the banknote industry and other fields of security printing, has issued a special report on security threads for banknotes.


The new English 50 Pound Banknote with KINEGRAM COLORS® from KURZ.

Today, 25 March 2021, the Bank of England revealed images of the new £50, the fourth note in England’s polymer series, following on from the £5, £10 and £20 notes issued in 2016, 2017 and 2020. KURZ is proud to be part of the full series with its contribution of a registered KINEGRAM COLORS® foil stripe applied over a transparent window in the polymer substrate. This unique security feature makes the banknotes extremely secure against counterfeiting.


The new Costa Rica 20,000 Colónes Banknote with KINEGRAM REVIEW from KURZ

The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) will issue its new 20,000 colones banknote on November 26. KURZ is proud to be part of the new banknote project by contributing a registered KINEGRAM REVIEW foil stripe applied over the transparent window in the Guardian polymer substrate supplied by CCL Secure. This foil-based feature with the unique non-holographic KINEGRAM REVIEW technology makes the new banknote extremely secure against counterfeiting.


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