KINEGRAM COLORS incorporates different diffractive elements in different colors within a classic partially-demetallised foil. The technology is also available as window foil and offers a full range of unique, new security features to choose from. It provides even more freedom for creating a foil that perfectly integrates into the overall design.

  • Color and partial metallization in perfect register
  • Secure and attractive combination of color, metallization and diffractive effects
  • New security solution in combination with windows (KINEGRAM RECOLOR)

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window Solutions

Learn more about KINEGRAM COLORS on banknotes:
KINEGRAM COLORS on banknotes


New Albanian 10,000 Lekë Banknote with registered KINEGRAM® Stripe

In June 2021, the Bank of Albania will release the highest denomination of the Lekë issued so far into general circulation – the 10,000 Lekë, secured with a registered KINEGRAM® stripe from KURZ.


KURZ featured in 7th Banknote Technology Report

The Banknote Technology Report, by the established Banknote Industry News, is a leading publication and important source of information for the banknote industry.


KURZ THREADS figure prominently in Special Report

Reconnaissance International Ltd., publisher of leading reports, directories, and newsletters for the banknote industry and other fields of security printing, has issued a special report on security threads for banknotes.


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