KINEGRAM Easy Card - Instant Issuing of Secure ID Documents

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The Secure Solution for the Instant Issuance of ID Documents

ID documents like Voters’ IDs, Student IDs or replacement for lost or stolen documents have a reduced lifetime up to one year. Issuing authorities often had to choose between solutions which are either economically viable or highly secure. OVD Kinegram has developed a solution which both doesn’t require any hard- or software investments and also allows to issue a highly secure document on the spot.

The KINEGRAM Easy Card is protected by an individually designed high security foil based on KINEGRAM technology plus security print, UV-features and watermark.

Key benefits
  • Easy, fast and simple issuance for centralized and decentralized personalization
  • Easy to use even by untrained persons
  • Economically viable
  • Fully compatible with standard laser-toner printer or ink-jet printer
  • Available in different formats (DIN A4, DIN A5, US Letter)
  • More cost effective than PVC or PC card solutions

3-Step Issuing Process with Standard Equipment

1 Data Capturing - using standard or customized software solution
2 Printing - individualized data on blank labels using commercially available laser toner printer or inkjet printer
3 Fold and protect - fold to get the final secured document

Available formats and sheets

  • DIN A4
  • DIN A5
  • US Letter
  • 1-up sheet
  • 2-up sheet
  • 3-up sheet

High security protection – Unique benefits

All high-security features are custom-made according to the specific requirements.

Explore the security features

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New Albanian 10,000 Lekë Banknote with registered KINEGRAM® Stripe

In June 2021, the Bank of Albania will release the highest denomination of the Lekë issued so far into general circulation – the 10,000 Lekë, secured with a registered KINEGRAM® stripe from KURZ.


KURZ featured in 7th Banknote Technology Report

The Banknote Technology Report, by the established Banknote Industry News, is a leading publication and important source of information for the banknote industry.


KURZ THREADS figure prominently in Special Report

Reconnaissance International Ltd., publisher of leading reports, directories, and newsletters for the banknote industry and other fields of security printing, has issued a special report on security threads for banknotes.


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