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Document Security for Certificates with KINEGRAM technology

Birth, marriage and death certificates

How to secure a certificate?

Most birth, marriage and death certificates are issued in paper form today. The standard approach to make them counterfeit- and fraud-resistant is to use special security paper, which is then additionally secured with a strong authentication device. The best choice for document security, including certificates, is a KINEGRAM - for example in the form of a KINEGRAM patch which is applied onto the document.

What are the advantages of KINEGRAM technology to secure certificates?

  • Instant improvement of the security level of the document by secure authentication
  • Individual numbering option: each certificate can only be issued once when linked to a database
  • Easy to introduce in an existing issuing process

KINEGRAM Crypto Seal

What is the KINEGRAM Crypto Seal?

Paper based certificates can now be securely protected against misuse and manipulation with KINEGRAM Crypto Seal.

With the KINEGRAM Crypto Seal for document security, the authenticity of documents can be verified with absolute certainty by inspecting the optically variable KINEGRAM device alongside the scan of two unique codes in one single smartphone shot, using a customized app solution.

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Certificates with KINEGRAM patch

Learn more About the KINEGRAM Crypto Seal for paper based certificates:
KINEGRAM Crypto Seal

Appropriate KINEGRAM products:

Learn more about suitable foil enhancement:
Foil Technoloy


New Australian $100 Banknote with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

The Australian Reserve Bank has announced the new $100 banknote will be released into general circulation on 29 October 2020. The new banknotes have been in production since mid-2019 and will soon be distributed ahead of their release into general circulation.


EU Court Opinion: Cash must be accepted as legal tender for transactions

Since the birth of the single European currency, the principle that euro banknotes and coins are legal tender has been enshrined in the EU Treaty. Unfortunately, during the Coronavirus pandemic, fake news about a link between cash and the covid-19 virus has scared many retailers.


New European Commission Strategy: Cash is a public good and must be accepted by retailers

In the European Commission’s Communication on a Retail Payments Strategy, the European Union’s executive has underlined the importance of cash as a public good – stating that “Cash is a means of payment that offers instant settlement in face-to-face transactions, without any technical infrastructure. It is still the only form of money individuals can hold directly. As such, it should remain widely accessible and accepted.”


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