Protecting Identities

Kinegram eMRTD Connector SDK Android

Read and verify an eMRTD ICAO NFC chip with the Document Validation Server (DocVal Server).


The DocVal server is able to read the data (like MRZ Info or Photo of Face) and verify the authenticity and integrity of the data.

If the NFC Chip supports the required Protocols, the DocVal server will additionally be able to verify that the chip was not cloned.

Important: In order to access an eMRTD chip, you need to give either the CAN or the document number, the date of birth and the date of expiry. These values are required for the server to access the chip.
Please refer to ICAO 9303Part 4 for detailed information about these values.

Example App

System Requirements

Please put the Android platform tools from the SDK in your PATH:

export PATH=path/to/android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH

Also make sure that your Android home directory is available in the environment variable ANDROID_HOME on the command line if you want to use the enclosed Makefile:

export ANDROID_HOME=path/to/android/sdk/


First enable adb debugging on the mobile device and plug it in.

On a system with a Unix shell and make simply run:

$ make

The (short and very readable) Makefile covers building, running and more.

Alternatively just open the project with Android Studio and click run.

Usage of the Module kta-kinegram-emrtd-connector-lib-android

See the file in the Module kta-kinegram-emrtd-connector-lib-android

The example app project includes Kotlin Sample Code (ReadingActivity.kt) and Java Sample Code ( to demonstrate the usage of this module.