Track & Trace solutions by KINEGRAM

Transport, stock management or issuance headaches can easily be a thing of the past. OVD Kinegram offers the serialization of KINEGRAM security elements, enabling convenient track & trace solutions for a variety of purposes.

Governmentally issued documents protected by a KINEGRAM security feature can thus benefit from...

...increased security during transport
...improved stock management and balancing
...more secure issuing
...decreased risk of misuse and forgeries
...linking document data and unique serial number of the KINEGRAM element for efficient track & trace

Customized individualization

For each and every customer, the serialization of the KINEGRAM elements will be planned individually, making sure that the detailed needs on hand will be considered. Individualization opens up a wide area of uses and benefits.

The following solutions are immediately available

1) Lasering of rolls for passports and cards numbering on the roll between the KINEGRAM elements, or into the metallization of each KINEGRAM
2) Inkjet printing of rolls for passports and cards black print numbering between the KINEGRAM elements, or UV numbering onto the KINEGRAM
3) Inkjet printing on passport 1-up and 2-up sheets black print barcodes or numbers between the KINEGRAM elements, or UV numbers onto each KINEGRAM
4) Inkjet printing on label rolls black printed numbers onto each KINEGRAM

Are your requirements different? Do you have further questions? For more information about serialization, numbering, and track & trace, contact us here.


The new Costa Rica 20,000 Colónes Banknote with KINEGRAM REVIEW from KURZ

The Banco Central de Costa Rica (BCCR) will issue its new 20,000 colones banknote on November 26. KURZ is proud to be part of the new banknote project by contributing a registered KINEGRAM REVIEW foil stripe applied over the transparent window in the Guardian polymer substrate supplied by CCL Secure. This foil-based feature with the unique non-holographic KINEGRAM REVIEW technology makes the new banknote extremely secure against counterfeiting.


KINEGRAM Easy Card – Instant issuing of secure temporary documents

OVD Kinegram unveils simple high security solution for temporary documents.


New Australian $100 Banknote with KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO

The Australian Reserve Bank has announced the new $100 banknote will be released into general circulation on 29 October 2020. The new banknotes have been in production since mid-2019 and will soon be distributed ahead of their release into general circulation.


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