Protecting Identities

27 March 2024: SPIK Police Conference

SPIK is a congress focusing on police informatics, operational communication, and combating cybercrime. It serves as a networking platform for various disciplines, emphasizing the importance of IT solutions in the police sector. The event aims to address the challenges and promote information sharing in a digitalized world. It also discusses legal and public order issues related to the impact of ICT on society, striving to set the right course for the internet's influence on politics and society. SPIK recognizes the importance of technology in ensuring public safety and provides a platform for progress in police ICT, raising awareness and facilitating connections. The event offers the opportunity to combat criminal advancements in the virtual world while optimizing the benefits of virtuality. It serves as an exchange platform for technicians and tacticians to optimize the use of ICT in police operations, providing practical benefits through cross-agency information sharing. 

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