Protecting Identities

BIG is more secure!

The sample’s portrait format aligns with a new ID document layout proposal currently being developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The organization recommends the use of larger and higher-quality facial images as a means to bolster travel security and mitigate ID card misuse.

Adhering to these recommendations, the sample card features a maximum size photograph that enables heightened accuracy and reliability of authentication. The integration of an embedded KINEGRAM PCI with FDP elevates security to new heights, effectively protecting the entire surface of polycarbonate-based ID documents.

The sample’s showcased technology combination offers several benefits, including
-    swift, simple and dependable verification while maintaining the utmost level of security,
-    total flexibility in placing optical security effects for optimal coverage and protection of crucial personal data,
-    intuitive and highly adaptable design following a storytelling concept to enhance user experience.

The new KOI samples will debut at the 2023 IDENTITY WEEK EUROPE event on June 13-14 in Amsterdam, and will subsequently be available for interested customers. The conference’s attendees will be the first to explore OVD Kinegram’s solutions for ICAO recommendation compliant ID cards in portrait format, and discover how these can be secured by KINEGRAM PCI technology with Full Data Protection.

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