Protecting Identities

Code of Conduct & Compliance Commitment

OVD Kinegram stands for high security document protection. The values of our daily work are also reflected in our company’s global commitment to full compliance with international, national and regional customs and trade control laws, regulations and directives. This commitment applies to whatever and wherever we do business. We are working in the sector of high security document protection – an industry that is built on trust. It is thus our second nature to fully comply with international best practice and to meet the highest standards of corporate governance.

Code of Conduct
A Code of Conduct is a set of behaviors that can and should be exhibited in a wide variety of circumstances and contexts, and which take into consideration the particular situation. As a subsidiary of the German KURZ Group, OVD Kinegram is fully committed to adhering to the KURZ Code of Conduct.
To learn more about this, please visit or click to download the Code of Conduct.