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KINEGRAM Technology

A class of its own - the KINEGRAM

A class of its own - the KINEGRAM

What is often assumed to be a passport hologram or ID hologram, is in many cases not a hologram at all. More than 120 nations around the world have instead selected a high security KINEGRAM to provide the best protection of their most important documents against counterfeiting and fraud.

While both holograms and the KINEGRAM are diffractive optically variable image devices (DOVIDs), unlike security holograms, the KINEGRAM technology is the gold standard for protecting government-issued documents and banknotes worldwide.
KINEGRAM features are fundamentally different from holograms. They are highly secure, are produced using a secret and proprietary technology that is singular in the world, and are exclusively provided to governments. They constitute an extremely high barrier against counterfeiting, and can be authenticated via multiple methods (human and machine inspection).
Conversely, holograms are typically used for commercial and decorative applications. The technologies used to produce them are commercially available and commonly used by counterfeiters.

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An exclusive, non-holographic technology

An exclusive, non-holographic technology

The KINEGRAM technology is non-holographic and based on proprietary company know-how that is strictly protected. It uses vector-based, specifically engineered nanostructures.

The structure and making of a hologram prevent the creation of precise optical effects, creating the typical unspecific reflection of rainbow colors. In a KINEGRAM, the optical effects are highly precise and technically unlimited. The making of a KINEGRAM is so precise that its light reflections can be directed with perfect precision, resulting in the possibility to plan the visual appearance of a KINEGRAM to perfection. The unique effects and striking optical impressions are intuitive to understand and easy to use.
The design possibilities and selection of optical effects are virtually endless. KINEGRAM features are unparalleled in their visual appearance and their security.

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