Protecting Identities
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Serialization and Customized Individualization with KINEGRAM Security Elements

Track & Trace Solutions for Unique Features with KINEGRAM
Transport, stock management or issuance headaches are a thing of the past with OVD Kinegram’s serialization solutions. Unique features with customized designs are combined with individual serialization, enabling convenient track & trace solutions for a variety of purposes.

Governmentally issued documents protected by a unique KINEGRAM security feature can thus benefit from

  • increased security during transport
  • improved stock management and balancing
  • more secure issuing
  • decreased risk of misuse and forgeries
  • linking document data and unique serial number of the KINEGRAM element for efficient track & trace

Customized Individualization

For each and every customer, the serialization of the KINEGRAM elements will be planned individually, including an individual design, and making sure that the detailed needs on hand will be considered. 

The following solutions are immediately available:

  1. Lasering of rolls for passports and cards numbering on the roll between the KINEGRAM elements, or into the metallization of each KINEGRAM
  2. Inkjet printing of rolls for passports and cards black print numbering between the KINEGRAM elements, or UV numbering onto the KINEGRAM
  3. Inkjet printing on passport 1-up and 2-up sheets black print barcodes or numbers between the KINEGRAM elements, or UV numbers onto each KINEGRAM
  4. Inkjet printing on label rolls black printed numbers onto each KINEGRAM

Are your requirements different? Do you have further questions? For more information about serialization, numbering, and track & trace, contact us without hesitation.

    Graphical image showing a KINEGRAM design with two individual serial numbers in different colors

    Serialization options for the KINEGRAM support transport security and stock management

    Learn more about track & trace and individualization - we are happy to answer your questions!