Protecting Identities
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Secure Data with the Integration-By-Design Concept

What is Integration by Design?
New developments based on the KINEGRAM technology, such as Full Data Protection (FDP), enable a much improved and unparalleled integration of the security laminate and the document design. Such integrated designs are a key factor for easy and intuitive document authentication and identity verification.

The ability to produce ultra-fine metallic structures in perfect registration to the diffractive security elements allows for the creation of intricately designed security laminates with high brilliance, continuous kinematic movements and an extremely high transparency that reveals even the finest details in the background print and the overall document design.

  • Easier to recognize, harder to copy
  • Protection against fraudulent use of lost or stolen blank cards
  • Special protection of personalized information
  • More flexibility in personalization (e.g. different colour for different card categories)

      Story-Telling Document Design

      Integration by Design with KINEGRAM Full Data Protection unlocks new degrees of freedom in document design, while safely protecting the entire surface of a passport data page, ID card or driver’s license – thus safeguarding all the personalized information. The integrated design of the full-surface feature and the document print results in the design telling a story that even the untrained eye can immediately understand.

      • Integrated protection of the personalized data and the holder’s photograph
      • Manipulation-proof due to complete embedding
      • Highly resistant against wear and tear in use
      • Integration of machine-readable features for automated document control

      Watch the video and learn the short, memorable story of the flying bees

      Memorable story: When tilting the document, two bees with istinctly different flight paths are visible. The paths of their flights cross in the middle.

      What is your story?

      Speaking of story-telling document design, we'd like to hear your opinion about this - or to answer any question you may have on the subject. Click on the Contact button and let us know!