Protecting Identities
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Certified Security


Document Security taken to a New Level - Birth Certificates with KINEGRAM

Most birth, marriage and death certificates continue to be issued in paper form. The standard approach to make them counterfeit- and fraud-resistant is to use special security paper, which is then additionally protected with a strong authentication device.

The best choice to secure documents, including certificates, is the KINEGRAM technology - for example in the form of a KINEGRAM patch which is applied onto the document. Certificate verification is made easy due to the unique optical security effects which are very easy to authenticate but very hard to imitate. The certificate issuance essentially remains unchanged, whereas the security level of the document is greatly increased.

What are the advantages of KINEGRAM technology to secure certificates?

  • Increased security level of the document
  • Error-proof and suitable for track and trace due to individual numbering option: each certificate can only be issued once when linked to a database
  • Easy to introduce in an existing issuing process
      Image of sample paper certificate protected with a KINEGRAM

      Certificate protected with a KINEGRAM

      Paper based certificates protected with KINEGRAM

      Image of Serbian birth certificate with KINEGRAM

      Serbian birth certificate protected with a KINEGRAM

      Image of Oman birth certificate protected with KINEGRAM

      Oman birth certificate protected with a KINEGRAM

      Image of the Netherlands' birth certificate protected with KINEGRAM

      The Netherlands' birth certificate protected with a KINEGRAM

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      KINEGRAM Notary Seal - A Protective Label with Integrated Forensic Security Feature

      The main purpose of a notarization is to officially certify the authenticity and trustworthiness of documents asserting various legal matters – or in other words, to protect the public from document fraud. However, notaries themselves are a regular target of criminals.

      Ribbons and standard seals are prone to fraudulent attacks, where false documents are intended to pass for real ones or notarized documents are being tampered with. OVD KINEGRAM’s Notary Seal solution puts a stop to this threat. A tamper evident label that includes both visible and hidden security features protects the notarized document and the notarization itself against fraud and counterfeiting. The recipient of such a notary certificate can easily verify the authenticity of the document and the notary’s certification.

      • Simple application
      • Tamper-evident and fraud-resistant label material
      • Best-in-class KINEGRAM security features, including high security microtext and nanotext
      • Easy visual authentication
          Image of hand holding a notary certificate stamped with a gold color secure KINEGRAM Notary Seal

          The KINEGRAM Notary Seal protects notary documents from fraud and manipulation.

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