Protecting Identities

Innovative Protective Foil Elements with KINEGRAM


The unique metallization solution for best-in-class security and visual attractiveness.

KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO is the brand name of the unique metallization technology developed and produced by OVD Kinegram AG. In a protective foil with this technology, diffractive design elements - for example fine lines displaying movement effects - are in perfect register to the metallization. In other words, the metallization perfectly and sharply matches the visual security effects of the feature. This cannot be achieved by commercially available metallization processes for hologram foil.

Thanks to the high-resolution metallization technology, KINEGRAM elements can be integrated more easily into the security printing. This enables the document designer to achieve higher levels in document security. In addition, the diffractive and metallized motives of the KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO feature appear much brighter than conventional transparent (HRI) products.

  • One-of-a-kind design and security thanks to high-precision partial metallization
  • Maximum effectiveness due to maximum brilliance
  • Unlimited document and feature design – transparency in all the right places
  • The ideal technology for a fully integrated security foil
Close-Up of KINEGRAM ZERO point ZERO security feature on EU Visa showing an EU logo and a fine-line guilloche design

KINEGRAM ZERO.ZERO on the EU Visa, brilliant design and highest security

KINEGRAM High Definition Metallization

KINEGRAM HDM is a new metallization technology with unsurpassed resolution of the metallic areas. Using line widths down to 10-15 microns, sophisticated design patterns, fine-line elements, symbols, text or letters can be realized. This new high-resolution process can be used in Combi features as a higher-security alternative. Going far beyond the possibilities of standard DOVIDs, this unique technology opens up new horizons for protective foil elements.

  • Unparalleled graphic design possibilities including greyscale or screened images
  • Full range of metallized transparency from 5% to 95%
  • Realization of unique 2nd – level security features, not attainable with other protective foil elements
  • Suitable for upgrades from conventional metallization to high resolution metallization
Close-Up of a KINEGRAM security elemen on a sample card with High Definition Metallization HDM, in a lion crest shape

High Definition Metallization on a KINEGRAM sample overlay with uniquely thin lines and design possibilities


The latest innovation in foil security for documents, and an invincible combination of security and design. It is the perfect solution for upgrading existing KINEGRAM security foil features to achieve an enhanced level of document security.

  • The perfect combination of portrait protection and intuitive authentication
  • Design integration with nearly no limits
  • Unsurpassed barrier to counterfeiting
  • Revolutionizing personalization: option to link laser personalized data with metallization
Close-Up of KINEGRAM Combi security feature on the US passport, with a design including the United States coat of arms

KINEGRAM Combi feature on the US passport

Fully or Partially Metallized KINEGRAM

A fully or partially metallized KINEGRAM is the classic authentication device for government documents. Brilliant and easy to apply, it is proven billion times over on passports and ID documents around the globe.

  • Trusted Security – well-known and highly reliable authentication device
  • Easy to use thanks to bright visibility
  • Highly versatile with a large range of security effects and, for partially metallized KINEGRAMs, realization of virtually any shape and outline
  • Highly secure against cut-and-paste-forgeries
Close-Up of a fully metallized KINEGRAM security feature on the birth certificate of Oman

Fully metallized KINEGRAM on Oman's birth certificate

Transparent KINEGRAM

The classic and highly effective way of protecting the portrait and personalized data in an identity document. Security foil elements with a transparent KINEGRAM feature are proven billion times over in documents around the world.

  • Unconditional full visibility of personalization
  • Highly resilient foil element, robust security
  • Compatible with all standard application processes
Close-Up of a transparent KINEGRAM security feature on the Canadian Residence Permit

Transparent KINEGRAM on the Canadian Residence Permit

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