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KINEGRAM Banknote Solutions

KINEGRAM solutions from KURZ are the most sophisticated and advanced security features for banknotes, proven in circulation on billions of notes around the globe.

KURZ, together with its subsidiary OVD Kinegram, is the world’s leading supplier of innovative foil-based security features, with an unparalleled number of customer reference examples.

KURZ and the KINEGRAM have won multiple awards for superior security, design, and customer service. We are a trusted and independent partner of leading central banks, banknote printers, and substrate producers, creating unique and individually customized solutions for every single project.

Based on our modular concept, KINEGRAM security features can be tailored to fit a wide variety of requirements regarding design, optical effects, depth, and lenses, intuitive recognition, and the inclusion of first-, second- and third-line security. Hand-in-hand with this capability goes a dedicated team of experts who are well acquainted with the latest developments and technical know-how. We look forward to creating the ideal security solution with you, based on the elements in our portfolio of products and solutions.


LEONHARD KURZ publishes sustainability report

LEONHARD KURZ, one of the world’s leading companies in thin-film and finishing technology, has released its 2021 sustainability report.


The Flight of the Bees

Polycarbonate-based ID documents are highly counterfeit-resistant – in combination with a KINEGRAM. Very recently, we developed a full-face protection for polycarbonate documents: Both ID-1 and ID-3 formats can now be equipped with a KINEGRAM Full Data Protection solution.


New Albanian 10,000 Lekë Banknote with registered KINEGRAM® Stripe

In June 2021, the Bank of Albania will release the highest denomination of the Lekë issued so far into general circulation – the 10,000 Lekë, secured with a registered KINEGRAM® stripe from KURZ.


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