Protecting Identities

Introducing Your Gateway to Seamless Identity Verification

From onboarding customers to international air travel, there is a crucial need for efficient, secure and hassle-free identity verification. OVD Kinegram is excited to announce the launch of a new website for our digital identity verification solutions:

The website is a one-stop destination for our MOBILE CHIP SDK solutions that enable the digital check and verification of ID documents. By leveraging mobile chip verification and mobile scan technology, these solutions offer a seamless way to passport verification and ID card checks.

The new website showcases the digital products MOBILE CHIP SDK, MOBILE SCAN SDK and DIGITAL SEAL APP. As standalone app solutions or SDKs integrated into customer applications, these solutions can scan and read the machine-readable zones of ID documents, as well as access and verify the data stored on the documents’ chip.

By offering this standout SDK chip reader solution, OVD Kinegram allows customers to not only ensure the integrity of ID documents but also to validate their authenticity. OVD Kinegram’s digital products are thus a pivotal tool for e-government purposes as well as businesses across various sectors, such as banking, car rental or hospitality.

Accordingly, the website presents use cases from different industries, focusing in particular on customer onboarding processes, which can be made more efficient and secure with OVD Kinegram’s MOBILE CHIP SDK, MOBILE SCAN SDK and DIGITAL SEAL APP solutions. also offers the download of a free demo app to understand the capabilities of these solutions.

Visit today and discover how the cutting-edge digital products of OVD Kinegram AG can revolutionize identity verification processes, making them more secure, efficient and customer-friendly than ever before.