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Verify ID Documents with the DIGITAL SEAL App

The gold standard among ID verification apps for digital document checks. KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL – under this roof, we unite a family of mobile app solutions that support the online and off-line verification of identity documents such as passports, ID cards and driver's licenses.

The KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL is the ideal ID check app, suitable for authenticating identity documents, especially biometric ID verification. Verify documents online and off-line with this solution.

Benefits of the KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL ID Check App

The KINEGRAM Digital Seal App is designed to support the unambiguous identity verification – thus promoting trust in the authenticity of an ID document and the identity of its holder.

  • Greatly enhanced trust in the ID document, even without cellular connectivity or loss of mobile network access
  • On-the-spot authentication of ID documents without prior knowledge of its physical security features
  • Confirmation that the chip data match the physical token and the document holder

Technical Features of the KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL

Our demonstrator helps to verify documents online and off-line:

  • Scans MRZ on passports and ID cards
  • Scans QR- and PDF-417 codes
  • Reads chip data according to ICAO9303
  • Displays data page, KINEGRAM and other security elements, including passports from over 60 different countries
  • Verifies chip data and digital certificates
  • Performs facial recognition and template matching with the chip data
  • Custom designed according to requirements

The DIGITAL SEAL Enterprise ID check app completes what we call the triangle of trust:

Right Person - Authentic Chip - Valid Document

The DIGITAL SEAL Enterprise App is specifically engineered for biometric ID verification and biometric screening to detect potential impostors. It allows to have full confidence in the electronic data on the ID document’s chip. The side-by-side comparison of the security features on the ID document with the reference database further strengthens your confidence in the ID check result.

Test our SDKs with the KINEGRAM Digital Seal App

The Digital Seal App is based on our SDK solutions and supports the mobile verification of ID documents. Independent of online connectivity, it enables on-the-spot authentication of ID documents, even without prior knowledge of the document in question. Download the demo app and see how it restores trust in the authenticity of ID documents.

Graphic illustration showing a mobile phone screen and prompting page visitors to test the KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL app for digital ID checks.

Digital ID checks made easy - test our SDKs with the KINEGRAM DIGITAL SEAL App!

Try our free demo app!

Download the demo app for iPhone or Android here:

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Data Capturing of ID Documents

The Data Capture Service of OVD Kinegram automatically extracts data from photographs of ID cards or passport data pages, digitizes and immediately returns them.

New digital solutions enable the opening of bank accounts from home or from the office, dealing with administrative governmental transactions, or exchanging data in the healthcare sector. Virtually every such transaction requires personal identification by means of an identity card, driver’s license, passport or health card. As a result, the time and effort to digitize the physical data from photos of documents continuously increases.

The fully automatic Data Capture Service requires almost zero manpower and completes these tasks quickly and reliably.

Benefits of the Data Capture Service

  • Automation of tasks still performed manually
  • Platform-independent solution
  • Reliable processing even of low-quality or oblique photos
  • Recognizes and processes biographic data, portraits, signatures and fingerprints
  • Runs both on-premise as well as via web solution
  • Service can be freely expanded as required

Data capturing made highly convenient

The Data Capture Service is usually installed on-premise, but is also available as a web-based cloud solution. The software can easily be linked to all common mobile applications, desktop or server software. With the fully integrated Data Capture Service, users such as authorities, banks or healthcare providers can focus entirely on their core business. All necessary personal data and portraits or signatures are immediately available in digital form. Contact us for an informal discussion and a business model tailored to your needs.

How can the Data Capture Service help you?

To understand how you can benefit from the Data Capture Service, drop us a line via the the contact form, and we shall get back to you promptly!