Protecting Identities

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING for smart and efficient law enforcement

The Multi-Purpose Front-Line App for Identity Establishment

The Multi-Purpose Front-Line App for Identity Establishment

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING is a police app that pushes the boundaries of law enforcement and identity clarifications. With its straightforward, customizable design for patrol officers, identity checks become a breeze. The multi-purpose app provides instant, yet strictly controlled access to police-relevant information that used to be difficult and tedious to obtain. Relevant data on people, vehicles, documents, property, pets, firearms, and laws can now be displayed directly on officers’ mobile devices.

With modular functionality, KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING allows for ID card and passport authentication, handles data queries and submissions, identity document clarification, watchlists, maps and alerts. Police officers have all the essential tools at their fingertips.

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING’s agility is a game-changer in the field of identity checks, while it maintains the highest standards of security. It seamlessly integrates with the existing police IT landscape, safeguards the handling of sensitive information and ensures compliance.

<i>Picture left </i> KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING is based on a cooperation with Dycom AG. Some Swiss polices use MACS extended with OVD KINEGRAM document verification modules <i>Picture centre </i> CHIP VERIFY: Valid Swiss passport showing the personal information read from the chip. <i>Picture right</i> DOC LIBRARY: Digital reference library for ID Checks with mobile phones

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING is based on a cooperation with Dycom AG. Some Swiss polices use MACS extended with OVD KINEGRAM document verification modules.

Smart Mobility Police App for Highly Efficient Law Enforcement

Smart Mobility Police App for Highly Efficient Law Enforcement

With KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING, the challenges for police officers in the field are a thing of the past.


Uncertain identities threaten and endanger officers

Encounters with unknown individuals or vehicles present identity challenges and potential threats for patrol officers. They may be unaware of risks like outstanding warrants or a suspect’s readiness for violence.

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING offers instant and reliable identity checks: Its server acts as a dynamic hub that seamlessly connects to any police data source and allows to establish comprehensive citizen profiles.



Data access delays impede effectiveness

The absence of real-time access to existing data sources hampers staff effectiveness, requiring slow, analogous communication methods. Criminals might not be identified and can slip away undetected.

Data access anytime, anywhere: KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING establishes a vital link between mobile phones and headquarters. The real-time connection ensures immediate access to crucial information for informed decision-making in the field.



Foreign identity documents are difficult to authenticate

Authenticating foreign identity documents is a frequent challenge for patrol officers. Criminals using fake documents to travel or prove their residency status may go undetected.

Local and foreign documents can be checked with KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING: Reference images and digital verification empower police officers to promptly and securely conduct ID card authentications.



Budget constraints limit custom solutions

Smaller law enforcement institutions often face neglect from large software companies, and governmental or other budget constraints hinder access to licenses or solutions from prominent brands.

Flexible development options: KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING offers individual development and customization options with a «Software Development Kit» (SDK). This empowers local IT departments and smaller law enforcement agencies to meet specific needs without compromising their budgets.

How does identity clarification with KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING work?

How does identity clarification with KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING work?

Among law enforcement software and police apps, KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING stands out as a multi-purpose identity clarification platform that is explicitly designed for the front line. It enables much more than simple ID card checks. In contrast to individual software categories like command and control, case management, digital policing, incident response, and connectivity, KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING integrates several functionalities like data exchange, identity clarification, document authentication, and self-servicing capabilities.

KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING offers an intuitive user interface, shaped through years of collaboration with Swiss police. This ensures easy staff adoption. The solution seamlessly connects to existing police data and interacts with other solutions.

Relying on an exceptionally efficient, low-resource single server instead of a complicated three-tier architecture, the server’s versatile interfaces can connect to any existing data source. This means flexible adaptability to diverse law enforcement environments, including proprietary record management systems, access databases and even individual excel files. Prioritizing speed and reliability, KINEGRAM DIGITAL POLICING ensures uptime surpassing 99.99%.

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